5 Keys to Growing Your Plumbing & Drain Business


Finding good employees for your Drain Cleaning Business is always a challenge. Here are 5 Keys to finding employees for your business.

  1. Participate in High School Events. Jolly Plumbing of Wilder, Kentucky invites high schools to play basketball on their basketball court. The court is next to their business. High school students see their business as a fun place to work.
  2. Sponsor sports events. Serve food and volunteer at community outings so students can see your business.
    • Offer High School open house to your business. Fast Flow Plumbing, is another Kentucky plumbing company. Fast Flow recruits high school students. They commits students to sign a letter of intent in their plumbing training program. They provide details on how save by not going to college. This type of recruiting is similar to athletes signing a college letter of intent. Fast Flow recruits and signs students into their plumbing training programs.
    • Speak about your company’s opportunities. Offer to speak at the high school. Show students how your training can prepare them for a great career. Show that plumbing contractors make a good standard of living. Also, this work can’t be outsourced overseas.
  3. Join a local Toastmasters group and work on your “Pitch.” Toastmasters’ is another great place to network and grow your speaking abilities. Some of these groups meet over Zoom so you can participate from your office or home. Toastmasters International has community and state-wide events that enables you to broaden your company reach.
  4. Connect with a local Chamber of Commerce. Network and work with other Businesses. Helping others solve problems can help you with your business as well. Rotary is another organization that sponsors events in the community. These groups can give your business an opportunity to meet future employees.
  5. Become a member with the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Heating (PHCC) organization. PHCC provides great training on how to become accomplished plumber. Involvement with your local PHCC strengthens the Plumbing and Drain industry and gives your company more credibility. In addition, many of these organizations have trade shows where contractors can learn about services and products that can help them increase their business revenue. Trenchless Equipment participates in these events and works closely with contractors to help them with equipment to grow their business revenue.

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