Leak Detection Equipment in California

Leak detection equipment is an investment in efficiency that every plumbing professional needs. It takes the guesswork out of determine the location and severity of a leak, and opens the door for trenchless repair solutions that save time, money and hassle. Let Trenchless Equipment introduce you to leak location equipment repair solutions that change the way you approach these complex jobs!

As a premier provider of pipe inspection equipment in California and around the globe, we don’t just bring you sophisticated tools: we also teach you how to use them. We also repair anything we sell, to ensure it remains working correctly. Contact us today!

Leak Detection Equipment in California

ST-2000 Water Leak Detection Kit

Trenchless Equipment is proud to offer Subtech Manufacturing's Leak Detection Equipment. Leak Detection equipment can be an important component to diagnose water leaks especially during droughts. If you are interesting in growing your drain cleaning or contracting business, Leak Detection can help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

Service is a key component to Leak Detection equipment. Subtech completes most repairs within 24 hours. In addition to California’s Central Valley, Subtech has repair centers in Texas, Colorado and NJ. Another East Coast repair center may be opening soon.

Great for plumbers, contractors and even municipal workers, this unit offers sophisticated functionality that makes locating and repairing leaks simpler than ever. It’s ideal for use with water mains, fire main systems, as well as leaks under concrete slabs, in walls, in swimming pools and in hot tubs. Its powerful capabilities even extend to diagnose pressure failures, gas station leaks, and leaks in residential and commercial water lines.


Leak Detection Equipment in California

Municipalities & Utilities

Locate leaks on water mains, fire main systems and monitor for potential water losses in the future.


Find water leaks under concrete slabs, in walls, in swimming pools, in hot tubs.


Locate leaks on new pipelines, pressure failures, gas stations, residential and commercial water lines.

ST-2000 Features                                             

-Amplifier Input Impedance: 200K

-Output Impedance: 10 OHM

-Power: 6 AA Alkaline Batteries (1.5 V. DC x 6)

-Power Consumption: 60mA Standby (20 hours)

-Amplification: 69dB=/-3.5dB Distortion: 6.0” x 2.4” x 5.0”

-Weight: 41.0 Ounces

-General Ground Microphone Sensittivity: 0.75 V/G @ 1 KHz

-Probe Microphone Sensitivity: 0.75 V/G @ 1 KHz

-Headphone Impedance: 32 OHM

-Headphone Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW @1KHz

-Carry Case: High Density Polyethylene 20” x 13.5” x 9.0”

-Filter Characteristics:

-16 Programmable Settings

-8th order/-60dB Fstop Max

-0.025 dB Max ripple

-70 Hz 500 Hz Bandpass

Leak Detection Equipment in CaliforniaLeak Detection Equipment in CaliforniaLeak Detection Equipment in California

Leak Detectors & Location Equipment

Faulty leak detection equipment can prove troublesome. Not only does it make accurate leak detection difficult, it can also obfuscate the severity of the leak and other important details used to approach repairs. If your equipment is on the fritz or not working correctly, contact us immediately. We offer repairs at our location in California, to keep your leak detection equipment running accurately.

See Below the Surface

The power of leak detection equipment is its ability to provide a non-invasive diagnosis. Take advantage of this proactive solution to leak repair today: contact Trenchless Equipment at 510-568-0809 to discuss our solutions. We’ll help you make an investment that pays for itself job after job.