How to replace small drain pipes

Trenchless Equipment’s Pipe Bursting machines utilize High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to replace or repair underground sewer and water pipelines. HDPE pipe is flexible and forgiving. HDPE can be flexed into nearly a 180 degree bend in order to be turned away from picture windows, enter basements and flex around walls and doorways. It still maintains its strength and shape. HDPE is easy to weld with manual and/or hydraulic Butt Fusion welding equipment. If the pipe hasn’t been welded correctly or the pipe comes apart during the pipe bursting process, the contractor can easily insert a new HDPE pipe into the underground pipe. The contractor simply reinserts the HDPE pipe by connecting the bursting head to the new pipe. With two or three sharp blades on the bursting head, the HDPE pipe in the ground will split very easily.

HDPE pipe is chemically inert and has 10 times the flow rate of steel pipe. HPDE was initially used in the gas pipeline and industrial water industry. Most pipes that were installed 50 years ago have been examined to be virtually leak free. Currently, HDPE is being used for sewer, water, drainage, geothermal and gas distribution lines.

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