How Duct Rodders can simplify your Trenchless Technology projects

Duct Rodder

The Duct Rodder is an important tool to simplify your pipe replacement project. The duct rodder was originally designed to fish electrical wire behind walls and overhead ceilings. Over time it has been adapted to work with the telecommunication, water, gas and sewer pipelines.

The rodder is a flexible fiberglass cable that allows the user to flex the rod through pipeline cleanouts or manholes. The rodder is able to maneuver bends and offsets in the pipeline. Trenchless Equipment provides rodders that come outfitted on sturdy reel frame, a tall handle, and a wide wheel base for easy transport. To use the rodder you can insert the rod into the pipe by releasing the drag brake and pulling the rod to insert in the pipeline. Our rod is conveniently marked in 5 foot measurements. Trenchless Equipment recommends pulling back a nylon rope or nylon fish tape through the pipeline with the rodder to attach to your wire rope. Some contractors use the duct rod to pull the wire rope by duct taping the rod to the wire rope. There are a number of different sizes of duct rodders depending on the underground pipe you are working with. Check with your salesperson to find out which size is appropriate for your projects.

Duct Rodders can be either Locatable or Non-locatable. Jameson Tools manufactures Live Tracer™ Rodders for tracing Gas mains, gas & water service lines. Once the Live Tracer™ has been inserted you can trace the line inside walls, floors or underground pipes up to 10 feet deep and up to 1,000 feet in length. In order to trace the traceable rodder you need to connect a transmitter to the duct rod bolt and to the ground clip. This will energize the copper wire in the rodder that will enable you to locate the line with a signal receiver above ground. The receiver operates on 82 kHz, 33 kHz, 8 kHz and 512 Hz frequencies.

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