Jetters NW Brute Hose Reel


Trenchless Equipment (TE) offers Hydro-Jetting equipment designed and manufactured by Jetters Northwest. Jetters Northwest brings over 30 years of expert advice & service to the sewer and drain cleaning industry. Hydro-Jetting is a key component to your service business in order to clear sewer and drain lines. Hydro-jetting clears grease, fat and long-term buildups. Jetting also aids in sediment removal, clearing root blockages and any other serious blockages that have remained in the service line.

Service is a key component to Hydro Jetters. Jetters Northwest has service centers in California, Montana, Illinois, Texas and Georgia. Contact us now.


Mountable Van-Skid Jetter

 2 models available:
12-GPM 3000-PSI (3012 model) or
 9-GPM 4000-PSI (4009 model)

*Optional Propane-Fueled Jetter

  • PANEL MOUNTED CONTROLSAll Controls for safe operation are Panel Mounted just below the Hose-Reel
  • CHOOSE YOUR WATER SOURCEDraws water from Hose-Bib or easily connects to a Larger Water-Tank (several tank-sizes available, or provide your own)
  • MODULAR DESIGNModular Design for easy mounting in your Van/Truck/Trailer as a Skid, or we can add Wheels for Portability.


All Controls are conveniently Panel-Mounted below the Hose-Reel for efficient operation:

Engine Key-Switch and Engine-Throttle are located on panel, near the Jetting controls

Adjustable Pressure Regulator: provides a wide range of adjustment and enables the use of Remote Shutoff-Valves or Foot-Pedals

Pressure-Gauge (liquid-filled) on the panel shows working pressure

Pulsation-Control on panel adjusts from light vibration to full pulse mode

3-Way Jetting-Control Valve: directs water to the cleaning-nozzle OR dumps pressure by bypassing water back to the tank, keeping the pump cool

Engine Hour-Meter / Tachometer: helps track maintenance intervals, & shows engine RPM while running

Modular Frame Design can be configured for use as a Portable Jetter or as a compact Mountable-Skid Jetter; either option you choose can be changed later as your needs change

Welded Steel Roll Cage Frame with Powder-Coated finish

Heavy-Duty Hose Reel, welded steel A-Frame style with pillow block bearings

5000-PSI rated Hose Reel Swivel with Grease-fitting

300-ft. Premium Jetting -Hose, Made in USA

4-Nozzle Set included: Penetrator, Rotator, Pusher, Flusher

12-Gallon Water Buffer tank with internal Float Valve to prevent over-filling

Suitable for use as a “Buffer Tank” and/or an Antifreeze reservoir

Able to draw water from a larger tank (portable and mountable tanks are available options)

Kohler Fuel-Injected 747cc OHV Engine (or optional 25-HP Propane-fueled)

UDOR “Super-Duty” Triplex Plunger Pump

5-Gallon Fuel Tank, CARB/EPA approved

Also Includes: Safety Nozzle Extension, Accessory-Adapter and Orifice-Cleaner tool

Dry Weight: 498 lbs.

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