Pipe Bursting Commercial Drain Lines

How to replace small drain pipes

Pipe Bursting can be used to repair and replace commercial property owners’ cast iron drain lines. Convenience stores, fast food restaurants, sports arenas, and movie theaters often need to replace their drain lines. Soda pop corrodes the cast iron drains installed in these facilities.  Polyethylene pipe enables pipe bursting machines to quickly and efficiently replace these cast iron pipes. The poly pipe is flexible so it can be inserted in a small insertion point and pulled through the old cast iron pipe. Once installed the poly pipe is much more effective solution for soda drain lines. Polyethylene is corrosive-resistant, and there is no need to worry about damages caused by oxidation or other chemical reactions.

Contractors can also use pipe bursting equipment to replace the 2” grease lines.  Polyethylene has leak-free joints and has a higher flow rate than steel pipes.

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