Pipe Inspection Equipment in California

Pipe Inspection Equipment

The ability to perform non-invasive inspections on underground plumbing is an important step in delivering the right repair solution. Know what you’re dealing with before you start digging—you might not need to dig at all! Trenchless Equipment provides plumbing professionals with the pipe inspection equipment they need to get a full understanding of the issue at hand. 

Trenchless Equipment sells the very best pipe inspection equipment in California, and provide training for each and every product we sell. Even beyond teaching you how to make the most of your equipment, we also provide pipe inspection equipment repair to make sure it’s always in full-functional condition. 

Intruder Standard Camera

Pipe Inspection Equipment

When you need a clear downhole picture of plumbing integrity, few systems match the capabilities of the Intruder. This system is made for 3” to 12” pipes and provide full insight into everything happening down the line. From cracks and intrusions to obstructions and blockages, you’ll have a clear picture of everything you need to see. 

  • Line Capacity: 3” to 12” (7cm to 30cm)
  • Cable Length 200’ up to 300’
  • Operating Depth 350 ft. (150psi)
  • Resolution 420 TVL Pixels
  • 512(H) x 492 (V) [PAL 512(H) x 585(V)]
  • Sensitivity 0.3 Lux
  • Lighting 28 White LED’s
  • Camera Dimensions: 1.6” x 1.4” (41mm x 36mm)
  • Push-Rod Diameter: .48 (12mm)
  • Video Format: NTSC
  • Power:110v/60hz AC, 12v DC
  • Operating Temperature: 14F to 122F/-10C to 50C
  • Microphone
  • 512 Hz Built in Transmitter
  • Text Writer, Footage Counter, Picture Inverter

Intruder Mini System

Pipe Inspection Equipment

Modeled after the original Intruder system, the Mini Intruder is ideal for 1.5” to 6” pipes. It offers the same full-functional capabilities and superior imaging, so you can see exactly what you’re dealing with downhole. Adjust settings based on conditions to always have an eagle-eye view of obstructions, intrusions, leaks, and other concerns. 

  • Mini Color Camera
  • 7” LCD Command Module
  • Light Adjustment, Time/Date
  • Microphone
  • 512 Hz Built in Transmitter
  • Text Writer, Footage Counter, Picture Inverter
  • 18 Volt Battery Receptacle (Battery and Charger not included)
  • 140’ Pushrod or 200’ Pushrod, pushrod diameter is .39″ (10mm)

VLOC3 Locator System

Pipe Inspection Equipment

Need to detect buried utilities with pinpoint accuracy? Want the ability to identify and diagnose faults without the need to dig? Get the complete data you need to find, assess and identify underground utilities with the VLOC3 Locator system. It’s a precision innovation in pipe inspection and locator equipment—a must-have for anyone doing subterranean wet utility repairs. 

  • No ghost signals
  • Graphical locate display
  • Sonde locate and pushrod trace modes
  • Optional Bluetooth option for GPS mapping
  • High visibility color 4.3”/10cm Display

Pipe Inspection Equipment Repair

We service all the equipment we sell, to make sure it remains functional and accurate on each and every jobsite. Our knowledgeable staff can quickly diagnose issues and deliver repairs that restore even sensitive electronics to like-new condition, so you can get back to employing your equipment with confidence. 

The Leader for Pipe Inspection Equipment

Located in California, Trenchless Equipment is the authority on pipe inspection equipment, as well as training and service for these sophisticated systems. Contact us today at 510-568-0809 to learn more about our selection of industry-leading equipment or to discuss your needs.

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