Top 5 Reasons Contractors Choose Trenchless Equipment


  1. Contractors expect equipment they can depend upon. Trenchless Equipment (TE) has worked closely with contractors designing its equipment. TE makes sure its equipment is durable and minimizes downtime for expensive repairs. TE designs its equipment with contractors in mind. The closed cable system is designed to prevent the wire rope from popping out of the grippers. The bursting heads are made out of Tool Steel to minimize wear. The piston shafts prevent damage that causes seals to leak hydraulic fluid.
  2. Contractors depend upon companies that stand behind their product and service their equipment. TE services its equipment and aims to do so in a timely manner. If there is a delay, TE will work to get you up and running. TE believes that they are a part of your business. So in order to be successful TE needs to provide service and support to your team. This enables you and your team to excel with your clients.
  3. Proper training is essential to your success. TE will always work with you and your team in the field. TE wants to ensure you know how to plan a project and use our equipment properly. TE’s trainers have a number years working with industrial equipment in the field. With this experience, TE’s trainers understand what tools are essential in completing your job in a safe and effective manner. TE’s trainers will prepare you with the tools and material you will need for your training job. If our trainer drives to your jobsite, they may have some of these tools on their vehicle.
  4. Contractors don’t always work 9 to 5 and neither does TE. Someone at TE will be available to take your call and find a solution to your problem or issue. TE prides itself in working closely with you and being available when you need it most.
  5. Customer service is extremely important to you and to TE. TE has repaired many other trenchless manufacturers’ equipment when contractors could not get support or repair of their equipment.  You may make up for the money lost but there is no way for you to retrieve the time you’ve lost. As with any sale, our number one goal is to save you time and money.

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