Traceable Duct Rodders Simplify your Trenchless Projects

Traceable Duct Rodder

Traceable Duct Rodders simplify your trenchless projects. Trenchless Equipment supplies Jameson Duct Rodders. For more information please check on Live Traceable Rodders. There are two types of duct rodders. There are non-traceable duct rodders and traceable duct rodders.

What are the benefits of a traceable duct rodder?

  1. You can prevent expensive repairs to your camera while locating pipe. Plumber owner operators will tell you how every time their technicians use a camera to locate or pull in a wire rope, they spend $2,200 or more repairing their cameras. Duct rodders are much less expensive to repair.
  2. Traceable rodders allow you to locate inside plastic Live Gas and Waterlines from the meter to the main. When you insert the traceable rodder inside the pipe, it energizes the pipe so you can locate it with your locator. Then you can mark your pipe above ground without digging.
  3. If you need to dig, you can use precise measurements to dig. Instead of a 6’ hole you can dig a 2’ hole.

To locate your pipe, we suggest that you locate the rodder in the pipe with a frequency of 88hz. Then when you lose the signal on the pipe, you can switch the frequency to 512hz to locate the sonde.

The transmitter comes with a wire that plugs into the transmitter. Place a ground rod 90 degrees near the pipe you are entering. Next, put the black wired prongs on the ground and then attach the red wired prongs to the duct rod ground. This will allow you to transmit a signal through the rodder. Live traceable rodders come with a stuffing box. A stuffing box is a small annular spacer made to a specific size for your duct rodder. The stuffing box allows you to stuff the rod into live pipes without allowing gas or water to escape during the procedure.

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