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Turlock, California, August 19, 2021 – Trenchless Equipment, a Northern California Pipe Bursting Manufacturer, began operations in May 2021. Trenchless Equipment (TE) is closely associated with Columbia Machine Works, which was founded in 1955. CMW manufactured and assisted in the design of all of TRIC Tools components starting in 1999 through 2008 when TRIC purchased some small CNC machines of their own. CMW continued manufacturing, making some important safety and design changes along the way. TE opened its business upon CMW’s move to their new location in Turlock, California. TE recently announced the engagement of four new members of its team.

Michael Lien, Miriam Brenner, David Huff, and Bill Seals bring a wealth of experience in both pipe bursting and trenchless technology to the company.

Michael Lien has over 20 years of experience with TRIC Tools managing all aspects of the business. Mr. Lien managed Operations, International Distribution, Trade Shows and its involvement in numerous trenchless and plumbing trade associations. Mr. Lien has taken the position of Managing Director with Trenchless Equipment. “We’re excited to have Michael’s knowledge of the industry and his passion for plumbers and trenchless technology operators,” said Jonathan Sol, Trenchless Equipment’s President. “I’m honored to continue my work in the trenchless industry and look forward to deliver outstanding customer experience with our tools and other trenchless technologies,” said Mr. Lien.

Miriam Brenner comes to Trenchless Equipment with over 2 decades of Trenchless Technology experience. Ms. Brenner has sold both Directional Drilling Equipment for a Kansas City HDD manufacturer and developed international sales for TRIC tools starting in 2006. Miriam has taken the position as International Sales Specialist with Trenchless Equipment. In 2006, she facilitated a $400,000 sale of pipe bursting equipment with Moscow’s Water Canal. Since then she developed other sales channels throughout the Mideast, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, India and the Ukraine. “Trenchless Equipment is happy to have Miriam as part of the sales team,” said Michael Lien, Trenchless Equipment’s Managing Director.  

David Huff comes to Trenchless Equipment with 4 years of experience in Trenchless Technology and several years building sales channels with specialty manufacturers. David was the National Sales Manager with TRIC Tools and will handle the position as Director of Sales at Trenchless Equipment. “We are very happy to have David on the team, David is a dedicated salesperson who consistently delivered on his sales goals,” said Michael Lien, Trenchless Equipment Managing Director. “In all my years working with sales teams, I haven’t met anyone as focused on the company and communicating effectively with the client as David,” continued Mr. Lien.

Bill Seals comes to Trenchless Equipment with 4 decades of working with Service Professionals. Bill was successful selling pipe bursting equipment both Spartan Tool and later at TRIC Tools. Bill was the Midwest Regional Manager with TRIC Tools and traveled across the United States managing sales and in-field training with construction and plumbing & drain companies. “Bill is a hard worker who connects well with the clients in the field and builds lifelong relationships with those clients,” said Michael Lien, Trenchless Equipment Managing Director.

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Trenchless Equipment’s mission is to always listen to its customers and heed their advice in order to constantly improve its equipment and offer them the best and safest products in the industry. Our core concepts to our clientele are Quality, Integrity and Continuous Improvement. To learn more about Trenchless Equipment’s Pipe Bursting Tools click on the link below.

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