What Is Pipe Bursting Technology?

Proper maintenance of your various home elements is critical to ensuring that the house remains a secure environment to live in. The plumbing in your property is crucial to the safety and functionality of the home. A backed-up sewer line or ruptured pipe can not only be expensive, but also dangerous.

When it is time to replace or repair certain underground plumbing elements, you should seek the safest and most cost-effective method possible. Nowadays, pipe bursting is among the most cost-effective and safest plumbing repair options.

What is pipe bursting technology?

Pipe bursting refers to a trenchless technology implying that the plumbers do not need to dig up the property. There is less mess and no damage, ensuring your family or employees can continue with their day with minimal interruptions. 

Pipe bursting is an effective method of replacing clay, cast iron, PVC, and other kinds of pipes. After you clear the receiving pit and entry point, a special tool known as an expander head is put into the old pipe and moves through the damaged sewer lines, rupturing the original one into small pieces. A new pipe attached to the head back is laid in its place. 

Traditionally, replacing or repairing sewer lines took days and was significantly costly. Now, trenchless technology takes a few hours with minimal digging. Pipe bursting is so cost-effective that most municipalities the world over have opted to complete sewer systems

What should I know about pipe bursting technology? 

Below are some things every homeowner needs to know about pipe bursting technology.

  • Pipe bursting minimizes the damage to the site: Conventional methods for replacing or repairing underground pipes need excessive excavation to access the damaged part. The digging damages landscaping, including concrete areas such as the sidewalk and driveway. Luckily, the pipe bursting technology requires a small access hole on either side of the lateral to reach the pipe. Since there is minimal digging, there is less likelihood of causing significant damage to your property. Moreover, the reduction in property damage, repair, and cleanup, the pipe bursting technology is an eco-friendlier option.
  • Pipe bursting can minimize sewer line maintenance costs: In several communities, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sewer line from their property to the sewer main. This maintenance can be an expensive responsibility; nonetheless, using pipe bursting technology as a replacement or repair method increases the resilience of your sewer line. The cost of sewer line replacements and repairs using conventional methods may be triple that of pipe bursting technology.
  • Pipe bursting is ideal for almost all types of damage: The extent to which you can use pipe bursting technology to repair underground piping is almost unlimited. Whether it is normal pipeline deterioration, adverse performance, poor installation, or corrosion, the pipe bursting technology allows partially replaced pipes in the damaged areas. The replacement does not involve the digging and the costs and risks associated with it.
  • Pipe bursting is safer: The digging accompanying more traditional sewer line repair methods expose homeowners to harmful substances such as asbestos and mold. The more the ground remains excavated, the greater the risk of exposure. The pipe bursting technology almost eliminates the need for digging, thus minimizing risks.

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