When You Might Need Sewer Locating Equipment

There are several reasons why you might need to use sewer locating equipment; Trenchless Equipment is here to help! Perhaps you are renovating and want to ensure you’re not hitting any pipes while drilling into the floor. Or maybe there’s been a sewage backup, and you need to figure out where the clog is so that you can fix it. No matter your reason, here are four times when sewer locating equipment might come in handy.

To Locate Underground and Buried Utilities

If you’re doing any work that involves digging, it’s important to know where all the underground utilities are. That way, you can avoid hitting them and causing damage. Sewer locating equipment can help you locate pipes so that you can dig safely.

There are a few different ways to locate underground utilities. One is to use a metal detector. This will pick up on the metal pipes that are underground. Another way is to use ground-penetrating radar, which can locate metal and non-metal pipes.

To Locate a Hidden Pipe

Sometimes, you might need to locate a pipe hidden from view. This could be because it’s behind a wall or underground. In these cases, sewer cameras can be very helpful.

Sewer cameras are long, flexible tubes with a camera on the end. They can be inserted into pipes so you can see what’s inside. This can be very useful for finding hidden pipes or identifying clogs.

To Locate a Clog

If there’s a sewage backup, it’s crucial to locate the clog so that you can fix it. Otherwise, the problem is just going to keep happening. Sewer and drain cameras can be used to locate clogs so that they can be removed.

To Locate a Leak

Leaks can be very difficult to find, but they’re important to fix because they can cause serious damage. Water leaks can lead to mold growth, while gas leaks can be dangerous. There are various types of leak detection equipment available.

There are a few different ways to locate leaks. One is to use a moisture meter to detect moisture in the leak area. Another way is to use a gas sniffer. This will pick up on the presence of gas, which can be a sign of a leak.

Various Location Equipment

Depending on what you need to find, a range of equipment is available for sewer locating. Here is a brief overview of some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment:

  • Metal detectors: these locate metal pipes that are underground
  • Ground-penetrating radar: this locates both metal and non-metal pipes
  • Sewer cameras: these uncover hidden pipes or identify clogs
  • Moisture meters: these locate water leaks
  • Gas sniffers: these locate gas leaks
  • Magnetic locators: these locate ferrous metal pipes
  • Acoustic locators: these locate non-ferrous metal pipes
  • Thermal cameras: these find hot spots that could indicate a leak
  • Pipe and cable locators: these locate both metal and non-metal pipes
  • Ground microphones: these locate leaks


There are many times when you might need to use sewer locating equipment. This could be because you need to locate underground utilities, find a hidden pipe, locate a clog, or find a leak. If you’re not sure which piece of equipment you need, it’s worth speaking to a professional. Contact us today for more information.

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