Why contractors prefer Trenchless Equipment’s 45 Ton Pipe Bursting System?

45 Ton Pipe Burster

Trenchless Technology (TE) continually refines its technology based upon input from its equipment owners. Contractors often come up with the darnedest ideas. Many of these ideas develop into great improvements in technology. TE will always listen closely to contractors and will implement those ideas to make its equipment lighter and more efficient in the field. Whether you pair the 45 Ton Pipe Puller with TE’s 24HP Big Red Pump or a Mini-Excavator, TE has made improvements in these tools to make them safer and easier to use on your job site.

TE uses heat induction chrome rods ensuring that no nicks or dings will cut the oil seals on your 45 ton puller. Damage on other manufacturers’ equipment causes downtime and extra expenses to repair your pipe burst unit. TE’s closed cable pathway prevents the cable from popping out during the pipe replacement process. By using TE’s gated system you need not worry about healicoiling your cover plate shoulder screw threads on your burst equipment.

TE’s technical team stays in contact with you and your team priorities. This is why your success is very important to us. We will follow-up with you and your team and go out with you on more than one project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@trenchlessequipment.com or call 510-406-8214.

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