Why Contractors Prefer Trenchless Equipment’s After Market Service?


Why Contractors Prefer Trenchless Equipment’s After Market Service? Trenchless Equipment (TE) manufactures pipe bursting equipment to high standards and tight tolerances. Likewise, they provide ongoing support and service. This is why contractors prefer Trenchless Equipment’s after market service. TE’s representatives have over 100 years of combined manufacturing and field experience. Contractors depend upon this service knowledge well after their purchase. TE also repairs other pipe bursting equipment brands. Do you have a difficult project? A conversation with one of TE’s engineers might produce the tool you need.

Trenchless Equipment services the following equipment:

  1. Butt fusion equipment;
  2. Wire rope;
  3. Hydraulic power supplies;
  4. Pipe bursting equipment.

In addition, TE services Georg Fischer Central Plastics, Connectra Fusion and Ritmo America brands. TE also has worked on Oil Gear, Honda and Kohler products.

Value After Market Service

How do you value After Market Service? Experienced and trained personnel support you and your equipment in your business. Capital equipment is an important investment for your business. To achieve a high ROI, (Return on Investment) it is essential to have the right company to support your business. This is why TE recommends determining the after market service an equipment manufacturer provides. An equipment’s price should not determine its value. Training, ongoing product support and service are the key components of your equipment purchase. Also, determine how much your replacement parts will cost. Investigate how the manufacturing company’s employees are treated. How they relate to their employees will often determine how you, as a client, will be treated.

TE has worked closely with local contractors developing its product line. These contractors provided good field information to improve the equipment. These relationships inspired ongoing superior service. TE aims to provide lifelong relationships to you and your team. Contact one of their sales representatives today to discuss your equipment or service needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@trenchlessequipment.com or call 510-406-8214.

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