Why Is Pipe Bursting a More Affordable Way of Replacing Pipes?


Replacing old or burst pipes in your home or office is a must. If there is damage or if they are old, replacing them is the best option to make sure you are not going to have interrupted water flow or wastewater removal. That being said, replacing pipes in a home can be very expensive. Finding an option that is going to work right for you can make all the difference, and pipe bursting might be just what you need.

What Is Pipe Bursting and Can Pipe Bursting Save me Money?

Pipe bursting is just what it sounds like. The plumber or company uses a cone-shaped head on their machines to go into and break up or burst old pipes and simultaneously pull new pipe into the place where the old pipe was. This means that you get a brand new pipe without your yard being dug up and without the extra effort and time that a full removal and replacement takes.

Pipe bursting is a great way to save money and time and is also a great way to ensure that you get new pipes without having to excavate your entire yard and then reseed it. Pipe bursting is not something that works for all pipe sizes. Your technician can tell you just what type of pipe it works with, and they can help you determine what type of pipe you have and if this method is ideal for your circumstance.

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is an easier and faster method of replacing pipes that need to be replaced due to damage, age, or other issues. Pipe bursting is faster than a remodel, as the plumber is not going to have to manually go through and dig up all the pipe and remove it before laying new pipe. Another benefit is that you are not going to have your entire yard dug up just to replace piping.

Your technician can break up the old pipe, add in a new pipe and do so all without the invasive excavation process to remove the old pipe in the traditional manner. When it comes to this removal method, your pipe technicians and plumbers can inspect your pipes and let you know if they are a good candidate for pipe bursting or if traditional removal is better for you. Pipes are an important part of any home, making sure that they are in good repair can mean the difference between leaks, damage, and a home that does not function as it should.

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