Why Use Cameras To Inspect Your Pipes?

Plumbing equipment has advanced a long way over the last century. Currently, many plumbing innovations are designed to make the work of plumbers easier and faster. Previously, plumbers had to rely on rudimentary solutions to inspect drains and piping troubles. Today, there are video cameras that allow them to visually inspect drains and piping from inside.

As a homeowner, whenever you experience problems with your plumbing, it’s best to call a plumber who will use a camera to examine the plumbing. 

How Does It Work? 

Using a camera to inspect plumbing relies on a video snake, which is a long and flexible wire tool with a camera and lights mounted at the front and connected to a monitor. The front of this wire tool where the camera and lights are fixed is fed into the drains or piping system through an opening like a sink. As the camera moves through the drains or the piping system, it provides a video feed to the monitor. The video feed is pretty clear since the lights provide sufficient illumination for the camera to capture every detail inside the pipe.

What Plumbing Issues Can Be Identified Using Video Camera Inspection?

A video camera inspection is comprehensive, and it can identify pretty much any plumbing issue. These include;

  • Broken or collapsed pipes: The camera will help establish any broken and collapsed pipes and pinpoint precisely where the problem is. 
  • Clogged drains: The video snake will be able to find clogs in the drain system and show whether a root or accumulated waste has caused it. 
  • Leaks: Video snakes can find leaks in a piping system and help determine how massive they are.
  • Sunken drains: When the soil beneath a drain sinks, the drain will sink too. Such problems can be pinpointed with a video snake. 
  • Rust and corrosion: Metal pipes rust and corrode over time, and the camera can help determine the extent of the corrosion and rusting. 

Why Use a Camera to Inspect Your Pipes?

  • It’s cheaper

Using a video snake to inspect your piping is cheaper than other alternatives as it involves less human resources, less equipment, and it’s faster. You also have to pay for about one to two hours of services.

  • It’s time-saving

Video camera inspection for your plumbing will take about an hour, unlike alternatives which can take a day to pinpoint the problem. This means that you will have more time on your hands to do other important stuff.

  • It’s more convenient

Other plumbing inspection options might involve excavating and not switching off your water and drainage for hours which is very inconvenient. When using a video snake, the inspection is a one-step process with no digging, and the longest you will switch off your water and drainage is an hour.

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