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Trenchless Equipment Sales and Repair Services in California

Trenchless Equipment sells high-quality trenchless equipment, including leak detection systems, pipe inspection systems and hydro-jetting equipment. We’re proud to be a global leader in trenchless equipment sales and repair, bringing more than 20 years of experience to the industry. Above all, we’re here to help make plumbing jobs simpler and faster through our leading-edge equipment. Call today to inquire about our solutions.

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The Exclusive Distributor of Pipe Bursting Parts (PBP)

When it comes to underground plumbing and buried utilities, trenching takes time and creates complications. If you can avoid it, you should! It’s why Trenchless Equipment is dedicated to providing trenchless equipment sales to plumbers, contractors and municipal workers looking for smarter solutions to locating, assessing, identifying and working on underground wet utilities. We bring you solutions that expedite work on buried plumbing, and pave the way for higher caliber solutions. 

From our facility in California, we specialize in global trenchless equipment sales. Whether you’re a plumber in the Midwest or a municipal department manager in the deep south, we’ll make sure you get the equipment you need. Call on us for state-of-the-art pipe bursting equipment, hydro-jetting units, downhole camera inspection systems and other trenchless repair products. We’ll make sure you get not only the equipment you need, but also the right model, with features and functionality that lend themselves to a job well-done, every time. 

We know that the equipment we sell is sophisticated and sensitive, which is why we also provide trenchless equipment repair. Rely on us to service anything we sell to a superior standard of excellence. We’ll make sure that, no matter the problem, it’s resolved to leave you with equipment that works as-expected, reliably. And, of course, we can even provide training so you know exactly how to get the most out of your investment! Contact us today for comprehensive solutions from Trenchless Equipment.

  • We specialize in configured trenchless systems, as well as trenchless replacement parts.
  • Need your equipment delivered? We work with numerous shipping providers. 
  • We can work alongside any financial institution our customers prefer for financing. 
  • We strive to produce technologies and equipment that promote eco-friendly operations. 
  • We offer training for all units purchased from us. Make the most of your investment!

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ST Intruder Mini Camera

Subtech Municipal Inspection Camera

Intruder Standard Camera

Subtech Leak Detection Equipment

Leak Location Equipment


2” Bursting Head

Hydraulic Power Unit

Red Pump


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Trenchless Equipment is based in Northern California, with distribution across the country, as well as in Canada, Europe and Asia. Contact us today to inquire about our equipment solutions.

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